She had Many Faces

Few people understand the rhythms of life more than women. Women live their whole lives by rhythm. They are in rhythm with life itself. Women are more able to "go with the flow" than men. Men want to push, pull, resist, direct the flow. Women experience it-then mold with it to produce harmony. A woman hears the melody of flowers in the wind. She feels the tugs and pulls and urges of life. She knows when it is time to run, and time to rest; time to laugh and time to cry; time to hold on and time to let go.

Part of the glorious rhythm of life is the yin and the yang. One Aspect of "Being" is not "more perfect" or "better" than another. Both aspects are simply-and wonderfully-that: aspects. Men, obviously, embody other reflections of Divinity, which women eye with equal envy. Yet it has been said that being a man is your testing ground, or your probation. When you have been a man long enough-when you have suffered enough through your own foolishness; when you have inflicted enough pain through the calamities of your own creation; when you have hurt others enough to stop your own behaviors-to replace aggression with reason, contempt with compassion, always-winning with no-one losing-then you may become a woman. When you have learned that might is not "right"; that strength is not power over, but power with; that absolute power demands of others absolutely nothing; when you understand these things, then you may deserve to wear a woman's body-for you will at last have understood her essence. - Neale Donald Walsch's "Conversations with God" Book 2.