Universal Law

Our solar system isn't plunging headlong into uncharted territory. It pursues a definite course. It operates by a technique of intelligent control for both physical and spiritual forces. Science attempts to unravel the mysteries of this technique of the world we inhabit and the universe to which we belong. This unraveling when clearly understood become Laws; the Laws of Gravity, Mathematics and Thermodynamics to name a few. These Laws reflect the principles of how the mysteries of physical life unfold.

While Science unravels physical mysteries basically by the method of reductionism, who focuses on the Laws of a Spiritual nature? Those who do encompass many different belief systems. The nature of Spirit is truly an individual philosophy for each and every one of us. No matter how diverse our beliefs or philosophies, each in the physical world we inhabit are inescapably bound together by our actions.

Universal Laws are the basic principles of life which transcend the diversity of individual beliefs and philosophies. These Laws apply to whatever one's individual belief system or philosophy is. When applied correctly the Universal Laws allow anyone to reach their maximum Spiritual potential and greatly enhances the experience of our manifestation in the physical.

Understanding Universal Laws enables one to see why ones life is the way it is. Universal Laws apply to all and no one is exempt. When one is fully persuaded of this fact, then you can truly create a better life for yourself and become an example to all. Like the pebble dropped in the water the ripple will spread far and wide in all directions affecting positively all it contacts.