Vortex - A place or situation regarded as drawing into its center all that surrounds it.

Ahoy mate; you are anchored in the oyster bed of the ether, moi's virtual center, the eye of the storm. Herein reside the sands of time now grown into pearls of wisdom Like the pearl's parasite or shell chip, thoughts lodge themselves within us, refusing to be expelled. These raw and unformed chunks of logic poke and prod until ultimately; layer upon layer a philosophy forms, surfacing like Aphrodite from the sea.

Emergent philosophies; to moi, denotes an evolutionary change of our species. A species evolved to the point where all thought isn't relegated toward survival, but with time for consideration of our existence. As this occured, the time to cough up our pearls of wisdom became manifest. And manifest we did. There are now more philosophical schools of thought than Kokichi Mikimoto has pearls.

Speculations abound as to who owns the Mother of all Pearls, the answer of all answers, the lustrous refraction of Aphrodite's pearl, gatekeeper to the Vortex. What follows are a list of some of these divergent philosophies. In addition, there are sites dealing with our journey through the illusional oyster beds of time and space or it's linear equivalent.